Hello, my name is Cecilia Horne and I work at Sheltering Arms Educare. For my first community discussion post, I would like to pose a question. Which changes are “forever" -- permanent changes in the teaching and learning landscape? Which seem more likely to revert to pre-coronavirus approaches.

Hi Cecilia, Thank you for posting this question. This is certainly something to reflect on as these times seem so uncertain. I have 3 children that are currently experiencing virtual learning. While I don’t know for sure all the things that will be permanent changes, I am wondering that when schools open back up if teachers will use more technology to teach and connect with families and their students.

Hi Cecilia! I hope my response helps answer your question. When I think of the ways teachers can have the most lasting impact on the children, I think about what Maya Angelou said, “I’v learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” That said, I think it is the way we interact with children that matters most. When adults engage children in responsive interactions that are caring positive and show them their voices are valued, it can have a life-long impact. Of course, practices that are research-based, developmentally appropriate, engaging and relevant to children’s needs and interests will always be important and necessary for life-long learning. But from my 43 years of working with preschool children and watching some of them grow to be adults, I believe that it was knowing that I sincerely cared about them, that I helped them recognize their “voices” and strengths, and that they were loved and valued no matter how they acted or what their level of learning was, are what made the most lasting impact.

Hi Cecillia, I am very happy to be part of the community as a Prek teacher I always see my self seeing them growing as the beginning of school year to the end of school year, I sincerely see my impact of there lives and I am grateful.

Great ideas and thoughts . Thanks for sharing

Hi Cecillia , this is new to me and I’m enjoying it makes me think of college responding to my colleague. I can agree with Kate , because one of my preschool student can do my morning group time for me just like I would do it , when I tell you, she can whole their attention the whole time . She is the BOMB.

I take pride in watching them grow with their little brains.